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Note: This show needs to have a trigger warning attached. If you ever though of committing suicide, please don’t watch this.

I tried to binge watch “Thirteen Reasons Why” over the weekend. I couldn’t.

It took me three days to watch all thirteen episodes (for comparison, I watched “ASOUE” all in one day).

It took me that long because it’s pretty emotional for me. See, I loved a Hannah once.

For a detached or relatively optimistic person, Hannah Baker was just another person girl who couldn’t deal with her emotions properly. Like many people in the story, many would think that she is just “looking for attention.”

As a person who loved someone like Hannah, believe me, there’s more than enough heartache in these kinds of things. The worse part is that the aftermath is even worse than the act itself. My version of Hannah survived, but I have been scarred forever, and there’s just no turning back from that. There’s just moving on.

Back to the series: it’s dark, but not in an in-your-face sort of way. At least, not early on. The grittier parts arrive later — so once you start, note that it only gets darker. A passion project for Selena Gomez, the singer/actress said that it meant a lot to her because it was “spot-on” when she was going through depression herself.

Here is my take on the Netflix adaptation:

  1. One of the first things you will learn while watching the series is that there is always more than one version of the truth: Hannah’s truth is different from those around her simply in the way she experiences certain things or the way she looks at her life. This is applicable to real life.
  2. The changes they made in the series actually enhanced the story for the better. For instance, the lawsuit brought about by Hannah’s parents to the school. Yes, getting up and leaving a life behind would make sense, but watching the reaction of the parents — the people most affected by the death — makes the series all that much more raw and emotional.
  3. Get ready for some pretty dark moments: they showed the rape and suicide scenes. Quite surprising considering the target audience, but this is a no-holds-barred kind of series, which honestly is the best way they could have done it.
  4. Longer timeline, because longer media format, obviously. In the book, Clay basically sped through all the tapes in one very late night, but the series stretched it for much longer than that. I’m not sure if it was for a few days or over a week (because the back-and-forth time jumps got to me) but this, I think was a good treatment so that we can feel the effects of the story more (although ironically, many binged it in a course of a weekend).
  5. Finally, if you are thinking of committing suicide or know someone who needs help, please look into help hotlines in your area, or look for resources that will help you identify those who may be struggling.

Here’s the trailer:


Series Score: 3.8/5


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